Our campaign in the United States

Every year, the Louvre Endowment Fund conducts a major campaign in the United States to raise funds. As the Louvre Endowment is supported by a strong community of patrons from all over the U.S., its team travels to several cities in order to give conferences and meet current and new donors.

Support the Louvre Endowment Fund and add your name to Louvre history

The Endowment Fund was established in 2009 to generate capital and produce annual income that could more fully support the exceptional artistic heritage of the museum.

The support provided by the 12-year-old endowment fund has proved to be stable over time. However, the financial challenges of the coming years, particularly the growing costs of maintenance and restoration, mean that efforts need to be amplified to ensure that the Fund can continue to grow and offer the Louvre the support it needs. At the present moment, the Endowment Fund of the Louvre permits, through the different projects it supports each year, the coverage of about 4 percent of the Louvre’s budget (€280 million in 2022). However, the Endowment Fund of the Louvre needs more support if it is to meet its goal of becoming one of the financial pillars of the Louvre Museum (alongside ticketing, government grants and the museum’s own resources).

The funds raised by the Louvre Endowment would provide funding for four major areas :

– the care, study and public display of the collections;
– the acquisition of new masterpieces for the Louvre’s collections;
– the accessibility of the museum to all with a view to facilitating a more inclusive society;
– the conservation and improvement of the Louvre Palace and the Tuileries Garden.

Partnership with American Friends of the Louvre

American Friends of the Louvre (AFL) works hand in hand with the Louvre Endowment to promote its important work to American donors.

AFL is a tax-exempt charity organized in the United States. It was established to strengthen ties between the Louvre and the American public and to formalize the longstanding generosity of American patrons. Founded in 2002, its offices opened in New York in 2004 and were expanded to Los Angeles in 2016. You can support the campaign of the Louvre Endowment Fund by making your gift to American Friends of the Louvre.