Give a forever gift to the Louvre

The Louvre Endowment Fund is designed to lend lasting support to the Louvre’s public interest projects. By making a gift, you enshrine your generosity for future generations and fulfil your company’s social responsibility while taking advantage of very attractive benefits.

The Louvre offers donors to its Endowment Fund an opportunity to become a sustainable part of its major public interest projects. Your gift will be preserved and generate revenues each year to provide permanent support to the Louvre.

The principle from all gifts is preserved intact, making this philanthropic tool sustainable and perfectly in line with the principles of corporate social responsibility.

The Louvre is grateful to donors and pleased to make them an active player in the projects they support. 


You may choose to allocate any amount, without limit, to one of three collective funds whose earnings provide overall financial support to one of the core missions of the Louvre:

– Accessibility and transmission: making the Louvre accessible to all, allowing future generations to discover the masterpieces of the museum.

– International recognition of the collections: conserving, enhancing, enriching and studying the exceptional collections of the Louvre.

– Enhancing the architectural heritage and landscape of the Louvre and Tuileries Garden.

Tax Matters

Companies can deduct 60% of gifts made to the Louvre Endowment Fund within the limit of 0.5% of sales. In addition to this fiscal advantage, the Louvre offers a 25% discount on rewards in kind (privatizing museum spaces, free entry for company employees, etc.).