Create your own dedicated fund

The Louvre offers you the opportunity to become a lasting part of its legacy by creating your own philanthropic structure within the Louvre Endowment Fund, providing you with guidance and council every step of the way.

Starting with a pledge of €200,000 over several years, you can create your own dedicated fund within the Louvre Endowment Fund. This dedicated fund will bear you name or that of a person or cause dear to you. You direct the income from your fund to one of the three major missions of the museum: conservation and enhancement of the collections; educational and social missions; or the preservation of architectural heritage and landscape.


For pledges that exceed €500,000 over several years, your personalized fund will go toward a specific theme, defined by you in tandem with museum experts.


We will guide you every step of the way in creating your own fund within our structure. You will benefit from a philanthropic vehicle operating under your name within the Louvre Endowment Fund. This will allow you to dedicate yourself entirely to your philanthropic project, leaving administrative, legal and accounting matters to us. A personalized fund is also an opportunity for you to get those who are close to you involved in your philanthropic project. We provide council and guidance in terms of the structure and family governance of your fund.


Several major benefactors have already created a personalized fund within the Louvre Endowment Fund.

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Family philanthropy, bringing you closer together for the future

  • The very flexible nature of the dedicated fund within the Louvre Endowment Fund gives benefactor families the opportunity to use their dedicated fund as a philanthropic vehicle.
  • You can reach out to the different members of your family or involve future generations in a project that will unite you in a new cause. Each member of the family allocates money to the family fund according to their means. We help you build a specific family governance structure and propose activities adapted to your needs and expectations (visits, talks or conferences, concerts, etc.).