Create your own dedicated fund

The Louvre offers donors the opportunity to make a lasting impact on its key missions by creating dedicated “corporate funds” within the Louvre Endowment Fund. We help donors every step of the way and provide expert advice. In choosing to make a lasting gift, you boost your company’s corporate social responsibility profile and benefit from very attractive perks in return.

Starting with a pledge of €200,000 over several years, you can create your own dedicated fund within the Louvre Endowment Fund. This dedicated fund will bear your name or that of a person or cause dear to you. You direct the income from your fund to one of the three major missions of the museum: conservation and enhancement of the collections; educational and social missions; or preservation of architectural heritage and landscape.


For pledges that exceed €500,000 over several years, your personalized fund will go toward a specific theme, defined by you together with museum experts.


We will guide you every step of the way in creating your own fund within our structure. You will benefit from close collaboration with a team of experts in charge of the Louvre Endowment Fund, and play an active role in the projects that are funded.

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Tax Matters

Companies can deduct 60% of gifts made to the Louvre Endowment Fund within the limit of 0.05% of revenues. In addition to this fiscal advantage, the Louvre offers a 25% discount on rewards in kind (privatizing museum spaces, free entry for company employees, etc.).