Support the Louvre with a bequest

Turn your love for the Louvre into a lasting legacy that will enshrine your generosity in the future of the museum. The Louvre has the structure to help make your support a forever gift: The Louvre Endowment Fund.

The Louvre has chosen to orient bequests and donations toward this intergenerational structure, exempt from all inheritance and transfer rights. Your bequest will be preserved and help the Louvre year after year stay true to its core mission: enhance and transmit the universal cultural heritage entrusted to it to future generations.

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  • Bequests: a display of trust

    To make a bequest, you must draw up a will and name the Louvre Endowment Fund as beneficiary. You may write the will yourself or entrust the task to a lawyer or notary. If you choose to write the will yourself, it is customary to submit it to a lawyer or notary to guarantee that your wishes be carried out. Your bequest is important to us, no matter the amount. It will help finance the Louvre’s core missions. Your bequest may be in the form of a cash contribution, gift of securities, or real estate. To find out more about the terms of bequests, do not hesitate to contact us or consult our brochure.

    Bequest brochure

    If you wish to make a gift of a work of art, please contact us in advance. This type of gift must be made directly to the Louvre.

    For donors with no direct heirs but who wish to honor their loved ones while supporting the Louvre, the dual bequest in favor of the Louvre Endowment Fund is a simple and efficient way to do so. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

  • Life insurance, a simple and efficient way to help the Louvre

    You can designate the Louvre Endowment Fund as beneficiary of your life insurance account, in whole or in part, when you take out a life insurance policy or by changing the beneficiary clause at a later date. No levy or inheritance tax will be imposed: your gift will go entirely to the Louvre.

  • Donations: investing today for the Louvre of tomorrow

    Donations imply full ownership of an asset, and take effect immediately and permanently. It requires the intervention of a lawyer or notary. Donations can take the form of a monetary gift, securities or real estate, over which you can choose to keep the usufruct rights. Donations come with tax benefits for the donor: an income tax break of 66% of the value of the asset and exemption from transfer duties.

Play an active role in the life of the museum

Along with your lawyer or notary, we take you every step of the way when you make a bequest or donation to the Louvre. Do not hesitate to contact us; we are here to help you find the best possible way to carry out your wishes. This will also be an opportunity to express our gratitude to you for supporting the museum’s projects. Giving a forever gift to the Louvre means:
  • Joining the Jacques Jaujard Circle of art and history lovers who have designated the Louvre Endowment Fund as beneficiary of their bequest, in the form of a life insurance contract or donation.
  • Enjoying a privileged relationship with museum staff.
  • Giving the Louvre an opportunity to express its gratitude to you on a permanent basis throughout the museum, in accordance with your wishes.